Twisted Blizzard, Just in time for Winter

Last week while cleaning I decided to light up a Snowy Day candle in my living room along with a Candy Cane one in my dining room. I didn’t think much of what it would smell like other than I like them both and we’ll “smell” what happens. I went along with my cleaning and let the candles burn. I completely forgot about having both of them going and I fell asleep on the sofa after getting the kids down for a nap. When I woke up the first thing that came to mind is “What is that YUMMY smell?”  Then I remember that I had both Snowy Day and Candy Cane lit at the same time. I let these burn for the rest  of the day and enjoyed the lovely aroma that was consuming my home.

The next day I decided I MUST combine these two fragrances and make one candle out of this, but what to call it?? That’s when I turned to our Facebook page and asked for some help. We had several GREAT suggestions, and I thank each of you who chimed in. We gave it some thought and Twisted Blizzard won!  Thank you again to Amanda Chapman for the wonderful name to our newest addition to our candle line!

I’m motivated to mix some new fragrances and we’ll be asking for suggestions again from our friends on Facebook. So if you’re not a fan of our Skyline Candle Company Facebook page please go on over and Like Us and join in on the fun!

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