Fragrance List 2015

  1. Amish Harvest- A fragrance that is slightly spicy with delicious dried fruit notes.
  2. Amber Romance- Enchanting and romantic, this glowing fragrance is an enticing blend that combines black cherry and warm sandalwood. Hints of lush white jasmine add balance for a calming effect. Rich vanilla bean and soft musk add sensual appeal.
  3. Apple Cinnamon – Our strongest apple cinnamon combo scent.
  4. Apple Pie – Smells just like a hot apple pie cooling in an open window.
  5. Apples & Spice- A wonderful combination of all things Fall! Sweet and spicy Apples with a touch of spicy cinnamon and nutmeg. You can’t go wrong with this best seller.
  6. Aruba Coconut- Take your senses on a lavish vacation to Aruba with this fragrance! Juicy mango and apple are blended together with white nectarine to create a citrus burst at the top of this accord while passion flower and vanilla orchid set the tone for the heart of the fragrance. Coconut cream and Tahitian vanilla blend perfectly with sandalwood to complete this destination fragrance.
  7. Autumn Afternoon – A fall afternoon walk through the woods after it has rained.
  8. Autumn Leaves (Yankee Type)- Warm, earthy patchouli is combined with wood notes, sweet dried fruits, grated spices of clove and cinnamon, and light top notes of mandarin and berry to create this luscious autumn aroma. (NEW 2012)
  9. Baby Magic – Just like the popular baby magic baby wash.
  10. Baby Powder – A great duplication of the real baby powder smell.
  11. Banana Nut Bread – A warm loaf of bread with banana, nuts & spice baked in.
  12. Bayberry- A traditional favorite for the holidays. Bayberry, while not a coniferous plant, has piney, woodsy, and sweet berry notes that collectively characterize the holiday season.
  13. Beach Daisies- This fragrance is complex, yet soothing and playful. Blended with Asian lemongrass, dune grass, daisy petals, gardenia bloom, ylang-ylang, clove leaf, blond woods, amber sands, and sheer musk, this fantastic fragrance is inviting and uplifting! (NEW 2012)
  14. Bergamot – A sweet, citrus blend with spicy floral undertones.
  15. Berrylicious- Ripe raspberries and blueberries with a hint of vanilla icing makes up this wonderful fragrance. New Spring 2016!
  16. Black Canyon- Warm, earthy patchouli is combined with wood notes, sweet dried fruits, grated spices of clove and cinnamon, and light top notes of mandarin and berry to create this luscious autumn aroma.
  17. Black Raspberry Vanilla- (BBW Type) A wonderful blend of sun-ripened blackberries and creamy smooth vanilla. Smells good enough to eat!
  18. Blueberry Muffins – Fresh baked blueberry muffins still warm from the oven.
  19. Cabernet- Unlike a wine or fermented grape scent, this fragrance is just like juicy, sun-ripened grapes. Sweet and fresh, right off the vine!
  20. Campfire- An amazing realistic wood and smoke scent that brings back happy memories of sitting around a camp fire.
  21. Candy Cane – The holiday’s most popular sweet peppermint candy
  22. Cappuccino Hazelnut – The aroma of fresh brewed espresso capped with steamed milk. Hints of roasted hazelnut make this a delightfully convincing scent. (Fall 2012)
  23. Caramel Apple- A delicious blend of ooey gooey caramel and crisp green apples. Amazing for the Fall!
  24. Caramelized Nuts- Crisp assorted nuts coated in a sweet crunchy layer of caramel.
  25. Cherry Blossom – As fresh and inviting as the blossoms in early spring
  26. Cider Web (Yankee Type) – A haunting brew of apple cider & spice
  27. Cinnamon Stix- Smells just like cinnamon Stix. Yum!
  28. Citronella – As repelling to the bugs as the pure liquid substance.
  29. Clean Cotton (Yankee type) – A refreshing scent of just-cleaned sheets dried in a gentle breeze.
  30. Coconut Banana Blast- This delicious fragrance will make you think you’re lying on the beach with a fruity drink full of fresh coconuts and bananas.
  31. Coconut Lime- (BBW Type) Fresh Coconut, limes and fragrant verbena, warmed by vanilla & musk.
  32. Cookies for Santa- (NEW 2014) Santa might show up early for cookies if he smells this yummy scent! Sweet, buttery cookie dough and sugary vanilla frosting blend delightfully with hints of almond to create a scrumptious and tempting fragrance.
  33. Cool Citrus Basil-(BBW Type) this is a zesty and clean fragrance infused with cool citrus and fresh basil leaves. Refreshing and Energizing! (New 2012)
  34. Cotton Candy – The ultimate, sweet spun-sugar delight
  35. Cottage Breeze- The refreshing scent of cool salt air and fresh citrus blowing across the dunes recharge and rejuvenate the spirit.
  36. Cranberry Chutney (Yankee Type) – A sweet tangy blend of cranberries, raisins and apples. Truly awesome and a #1 seller year after year!
  37. Cranberry Citrus- A blend of tart cranberries, juicy red grapefruit, tangy tangerine, sweet orange, and lemon-lime. A delightful fragrance. Nice for the holidays or as a refreshing spa scent! (NEW 2012)
  38. Crème Brulee- A rich dessert of cream, caramelized sugar, egg yolk, and a touch of vanilla.
  39. Cucumber Melon- (BBW Type) A mild, yet delightful sweet smelling fragrance. A wonderful combination of the coolness of a cucumber with a delightfully sweet melon.
  40. Eucalyptus & Cedarwood- A truly masculine blend of herbal eucalyptus and cedarwood. Every man should smell this incredible!
  41. Eucalyptus- A stimulating scent that relieves the symptoms of sinus, asthma, colds, sore throat and other respiratory problem.
  42. Eucalyptus & Spearmint- This invigorating, but not too strong BBW type will delight your senses with fresh, minty spearmint and relaxing eucalyptus. These notes are delicately balanced by soft musk, amber, Bergamot, and citrus.
  43. Freesia- (BBW) The sweet smelling floral fragrance is a wonderful springtime scent. The sharpness of freesia is balanced out nicely with just a hint of soft lilac. (OUT OF STOCK)
  44. French Vanilla & Amber- A sensual scent of creamy vanilla and warm amber mingle with soft wood notes such as cedar wood, oak, sandalwood, and patchouli.
  45. Fresh Cut Roses- This smells just like my fragrant rose bushes in the morning still wet with dew.
  46. Gardenia- This beautiful and refreshing floral scent is reminiscent of an orchard in full bloom.
  47. Georgia Peach- Peaches, Peaches… This one is popular and for good reason. It smells exactly like a basket of fresh peaches. (OUT OF STOCK)
  48. Gingerbread – An aromatic blend of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove baked with sweet vanilla.
  49. Gingersnap Cookies - A warm spicy scent that is true to gingersnap cookies or rum raisin bread.
  50. Grandma’s Swingin’ Eggnog- A classic holiday drink that is rich and creamy with eggs, sugar, milk, cream and light rum. (Fall 2012)
  51. Greenhouse- (Yankee Type) A beautiful blend of delicate rose blossoms intertwined with spicy green herbs.
  52. Harvest Moon- This warm autumn scent will put you in the mood for hay rides and Halloween. Spicy cinnamon blends deliciously with orange peel, creamy vanilla, and light fruity tones. Hints of baked apples and oak give life to this multidimensional fragrance, while a warm bottom layer of musk and spices balance it all out. So cozy! (Fall 2012) OUT OF STOCK
  53. Harvest Spice (Yankee type) – a spicy blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pumpkin and other Spices.
  54. Hawaiian Paradise – A smooth tropical blend of coconut, mango, papaya and citrus
  55. Hazelnut Crème – Rich nutty flavor of hazelnut coffee with a hint of sweetness creates this smooth and yummy treat!
  56. Holiday Sparkle- An enchanting blend of spruce, apple cider, cranberries, and plum form the top layer of this jovial scent. Grapefruit, mandarin, cinnamon, and clove notes intertwine to rejuvenate the holiday spirit in all of us, as the light essence of vanilla beans and musk provides a delicate finish. Get ready to sparkle and shine at all your Holiday celebrations with this fragrance! (Fall 2012)
  57. Home for the Holiday’s- A pleasing blend of spruce, lightly sweetened bakery notes, cinnamon spice, and candied fruits. Enjoy the warmth of the holiday season. Happy Holidays. (Fall 2012)
  58. Honeysuckle- A potent sweet nectar flower.
  59. Hot Cocoa- There’s nothing better than a nice cup of hot cocoa to warm up your body and soul. Rich, chocolaty, smooth and delicious.
  60. Hyacinth- A beautiful array of fresh blooming hyacinth flowers. (NEW 2011)
  61. Irish Cream – A classic sweet cream and coffee blend
  62. Island Nectar- The scent of Island Nectar fragrance oil bursts with tropical excitement! Ripe mango, juicy pineapple and wild berries are blended with hints of sugar in this exotic creation. Shimmering green accents amplify the natural fruit sensation as hints of plumeria add texture to the fragrance. A base of coconut milk balances with hints of musk; for lasting sweetness!
  63. Jamaica Me Crazy- A refreshing blend of tempting tropical fruits with a twist of citrus and a hint of coconut.
  64. Jasmine- An exotic, sweet, warm, floral bouquet (NEW 2011)
  65. Juniper Breeze- (BBW Type) A fresh evergreen with notes of delicate jasmine and rose petals, enhanced with subtle notes of apples and peaches. Uplifting and invigorating. A BBW type
  66. Lavender- A sensual flower thought to have powerful romantic abilities.
  67. Lavender & Lemongrass- The perfect combination of relaxing lavender and uplifting lemongrass.
  68. Leather – Smells like walking into a leather shop
  69. Lilac- Strong and sweet floral. Smells like true lilacs in full bloom. (NEW 2012)
  70. Lemongrass – Just like the lemongrass herbs in my garden.
  71. Lovespell- (VS type) a fresh blend of citrus, peaches, black currant, rose petals with a sweet musky base. (NEW 2012)
  72. Magnolia- This sweet, powdery floral has a strong scent, yet it is also very delicate.
  73. McIntosh Apple- (Yankee Type) – This is perhaps the best apple fragrance that we have ever experienced. Just like fresh, juicy, McIntosh Apples. (NEW 2012)
  74. Mango & Papaya - Tangy, sweet, juicy and just awesome.
  75. Midsummer Night- (Yankee Type) A masculine scent similar to Drakkar that is very clean and uplifting.
  76. Moonlight Path (BBW type) A blend of Lavender, roses, violets and musk a very soft sensual fragrance
  77. Mountain Lodge – A fresh cedar and evergreen blend. Very Clean!
  78. Mountain Pine- A very familiar scent of coniferous trees in the high country. A strong pine scent.
  79. Mulberry – Our classic mulberry that has proven to be a bestseller year after year. Tart and Fruity like the classic fall/Winter scent of black mulberries.
  80. Myrrh- A mythical spicy blend with a woody top note and earthy aromas.
  81. Nag Champa – An Indian aroma commonly found in the form of incense, but can also be used in other products such as soaps, candles, and massage oils. Our Nag Champa is an exotic bouquet of sandalwood, champa flowers, violet and clove delicately blended with sensual amber, ylang ylang, patchouli and musk. Many people believe that Nag Champa stimulates spirituality and meditation. A calming fragrance.
  82. Nutmeg & Cedar- Spicy notes of fresh ground nutmeg are blended with earthy notes of cedar in this warm, inviting fragrance.
  83. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey – A warm, sweet homey scent.
  84. Ocean Mist – Fresh, clean spray of water from the ocean on a hot summer day
  85. Orange Dreamcicle – Smells just like the amazing frozen orange dream pop!
  86. Peach Mango Salsa- (Yankee Type) magnificent blends of fruity freshness that will rattle your senses! Indulge in the bursting aromas of island mango, citrus lime, and fresh peach. Hints of chile and cilantro add pizazz to this delectable salsa. Refreshing, energizing, and invigorating! (NEW 2012)
  87. Pear Spice- Jazz up your holidays with the aroma of juicy pears, warm brown sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, and a touch of cinnamon spice. A tantalizing holiday treat!
  88. Pineapple Paradise – Sweet juicy fruits picked from the plants in Hawaii.
  89. Pink- (VS Type) Just like the very popular Pink perfume we all love from Victoria’s Secret.
  90. Pink All My Heart(VS Type) Ideal for seduction and flirting and is created as a mixture of wildberries, Madagascar orchid and sensual musk.
  91. Plumeria- (BBW Type) A pleasantly sweet and multi-layered floral fragrance… soothing and relaxing.
  92. Pumpkin Caramel Latte- (BBW Type) The rich and familiar scent of caramel provides the base for this delicious scent. Ripe pumpkins and the perfect blend of Autumn spices will delight your senses, along with just a touch of sweet cream, and topped with tasty pralines. (OUT OF STOCK)
  93. Pumpkin Pie – Spicy pumpkin pie baked to perfection for that special holiday dinner.
  94. Red Currant- Sweet deep red currant berries harvested at their perfection.
  95. Sage & Citrus (Yankee Type) – a sensational herbal blend with a touch of citrus
  96. Salted Carmel- Sugar, butter, cream and flaky sea salt is blended to create one of the most popular desserts ever!
  97. Sandalwood – Warm, rich, sweet, woody and soft
  98. Snicker doodle – you can almost taste the cinnamon sugar coating on this cookie
  99. Snowy Day- A very clean ocean mist type scent with a sparkle of winter mint.
  100. Sparkling Snowflakes- Clean, fresh as a Wintery Day with a hint of mint!
  101. Spearmint & Basil- A perfect blend of spearmint and basil creates a herbaceous and camphorus aroma for a sweet minty treat.
  102. Spiced Cider – Sweet, tangy and spicy, just like warm cider on a cool day
  103. Spring Blossom- A warm floral fragrance of wild flowers. A must for the flower lovers!
  104. Spring Rain- An awesome floral with a hint of spice. A light and relaxing spa type fragrance.
  105. Spruce Christmas Tree- Enjoy the cozy feeling of Christmas where ever you are. A freshly cut spruce tree with a subtle note of sweet holiday citrus…beautifully decorated for Christmas. True, fresh, and strong.
  106. Stargazer Lily- Capture the sweet, Sensual, and addictive fragrance from this hybrid oriental lily. A new addition in Winter of 2014.
  107. Strawberries & Crème – Fresh sliced berries smothered in sweet whipped cream
  108. Strawberry Cheesecake – Fresh tangy strawberries with a hint of baked cream cheese cake.
  109. Sugar Cookie – A delicious cookie dough that will make your stomach growl
  110. Sun Ripened Raspberry (BBW type) – sun-kissed juicy raspberries make a wonderfully clean, fruity blend
  111. Sweet Pea- ( BBW Type) A delightful fragrance of sweet pea flowers, violets and light sun-ripened berries.
  112. Sweet Pumpkin Spice- A warm blend of molasses, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ground cloves and pumpkin.
  113. Tinsel in a Tangle – Bold, fruity, fun and complex just like the feeling you get when you’re in the holiday decorating spirit and realize your tinsel is tangled! (Winter 2012)
  114. Tropical Spice – Pineapples, mandarin oranges, mangos, and others spiced up with a hint of cinnamon.
  115. Twisted Blizzard- Our very own blended fragrance! Combo of our popular Candy Cane & Snowy Day fragrances teamed up to make the perfect Twisted Blizzard.
  116. Vanilla Cupcakes- A wonderfully sweet and butter cupcake made with pure vanilla extract finished with a sweet buttercream frosting.
  117. Vanilla Mint- Buttery French vanilla and subtle hints of cool peppermint. (Fall 2012)
  118. Vermont Apple Honey- Hints of citrus add sparkle to this lush apple scent. The fruity signature is laced with green notes and warm wood tones and finished with sugared vanilla and musk.
  119. Warm Vanilla Sugar (BBW type) – A warm, sweet vanilla with a hint of a floral undertone.
  120. Waterfall Mist – Fresh clean water mist coming off the falls of Niagara
  121. Watermelon- This mouth-watering fragrance is fresh and sweet, just like ripe, juicy watermelon wedges.
  122. White Tea & Ginger- (BBW Type) White Tea, lemon, yuzu, clean florals and spicy ginger create this VERY popular combination.
  123. Wisteria (Yankee type) – a very strong, yet delicate floral scent closely resembles real wisteria flowers.

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