About Us

Skyline Candle Company is a family owned and operated  business. We are not a large manufacturer, just a small family working together to produce quality candles that we can be proud to share with our valued customers.  We started making candles as a hobby in early 2007, and began sharing our creations with family and friends later that year.  We began making candles available for sale late in 2007, and have been going strong ever since!

Meet Skyline Candle Company
Marie Bressler is the driving force behind everything we do. Not only does she make all the candles that we sell, she also does most of the packing and shipping. She is constantly working to develop more candle varieties, and handles all of your customer service needs.

Wayne Bressler is not just Marie’s husband, he’s also her go-to guy whenever there’s anything she may need assistance with. He helps pour, pack, and ship candles, but his primary function is to keep this website up to date, and help with advertising.

Emily is Wayne and Marie’s daughter. She’s often at shows helping customers choose the right candle. I like to call Emily my master sales woman. She also can be found on school holidays helping in the candle lab.

Cole is Wayne and Marie’s Son and the last addition to our little family. You’ll see him and his big sister at many of our events as well in the candle lab helping us make our lovely candle creations.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website.


Marie & Wayne Bressler

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